What is DATO?

DATO - solution that is based on ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. We offer a solution that involves creating a blockchain database for a targeted audience. This database will be created simply by analyzing various social networks such as Facebook, VK, Twitter and other social platforms.


Actionable Knowledge Extraction

Using our extractor we convert natural language into set of semantic triples


Scalable Data

Using two-phase filtering-aggregation data analysis with mappers


Cloud Database With Blockchain Usability

Using our smart contract

Road Map

June 2017

Market research

December 2017

Blockchain database development

January 2018

Public sale

February 2018

Exchange listing

June 2018

Smart contract (to interact with blockchain database)

November 2018


April 2019


December 2019

DATO 1.0 (alpha) release

March 2020

DATO 1.1 release

June 2020

DATO token is used to access blockchain database of targeted audience

June 2020

Further expansion and development

December 2020

Marketing and wide adoption

Team Member


Shota Tanaka

Head of DATO Asia. Over 25 years experience in leading Japanese companies (from Sumitomo to Nippon). Mr Tanako was heavily involved in Tokyo Institute of Technology "Future of Tokyo" workshop.


Haruto Tanaka

Son of Shota Tanaka, Software engineer, PHP coach. Blockchain enthusiast.


Koki Ito

Dr Ito is our in-house genius. His doctorate was in mathematical physics. Blockchain professional and crypto lover.


Kili Joshida

10 years experience in programming. Worked for national census as data analyst. Likes Judo!


Koki Nakamura

More than 5 years of experience as Fullstack Engineer. Bluetooth beacons and Automation software specialist.


Ryusei Jamamoto

Contributer on different cryptography-related projects. Blockchain expert.

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